ISG has big hearts in Singapore

4 June 2018

kindness day feature - ISG

Kindness Day SG was inaugurated on 18 May 2013 as an occasion for Singaporeans to come together and show appreciation for one another, through gifting the iconic symbol of kindness – the yellow gerbera.

Not-for-profit organisation, Singapore Kindness Movement, organised a carnival on 19 May at OCBC Square to celebrate the day, and the team in ISG Singapore volunteered their time to help make the event a success.

kindness day body - ISG

The team was split up to run two activity booths, which included facilitating a game of Twister, with circles containing acts of kindness, as well as an origami booth where event guests were taught how to fold paper gerberas and assemble daisy windmills.

kindness day body2 - ISG

The team also took part in ‘Cycle for Kindness’, which required participants to cycle for a minute to light a bulb. Through collective effort, ISG occupied all four stationary bikes and lit up 60 out of the 1,620 bulbs available.

In the 2017 employee engagement survey, respondents from the Singapore business expressed an interest in giving back to the local community, and this event has indeed provided an opportunity for the team to do just that, while embodying ISG’s core value to ‘always care’.

kindness day body3 - ISG