ISG receives a category upgrade for Green and Gracious Builder Award

6 September 2019

 ISG receives a category upgrade for Green and Gracious Builder Award BODY - ISG

ISG in Singapore has attained the Green and Gracious Builder Award in the Merit category, having been previously rated in the Certified category.

As part of the Green and Gracious Builder Scheme (GGBS) launched by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in February 2009, the award serves to recognise builders which address sustainability concerns, and display ongoing efforts to mitigate any harmful risks to the environment.

An enhanced version of the scheme introduced in 2016 goes beyond environmental practices, and places greater emphasis on assessing gracious construction methods that are mindful to avoid any inconvenience to the public. As such, part of the assessment criteria examines productive construction methods that firms adopt.

The attainment of this award is in line with ISG’s corporate business goals to achieve optimal operational efficiency and drive revolutionary change in the construction industry.

The Merit category was awarded to ISG in Singapore following a surveillance audit, where the business was assessed on environmentally friendly practices, gracious best practices addressing public needs, as well as examples of innovative and exemplary solutions that address environmental and public concerns.

In meeting each assessment criteria, ISG provided documented evidence such as its company policies, trade contractor pre-qualification forms and working procedures, as well as photographic evidence that shows how the business has communicated the importance of being green and gracious.

Following the award, the auditors from BCA commended ISG’s high standards of sustainable practices, regardless of project size.