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  • How Singapore’s hospitality sector must use the physical space to build brand trust | ISG
    Hospitality, Singapore

    Beyond bedrooms and bistros

    15 July 2020 / By Steve Ramsden

    If the Covid-19 crisis has taught the hospitality industry anything, it is that to be resilient it needs to not place all its eggs in one basket. Those who withstand the economic shocks of tomorrow will be those who learn the lessons of today by broadening their offering and widening their appeal.

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  • Promoting a safety culture in Singapore MAIN - ISG
    Sustainability, Construction, Health, Fit out

    Promoting a safety culture in Singapore

    18 December 2018 / By Guru Sangarathas

    Singapore-based senior health, safety, quality and environment manager, Guru Sangarathas, looks at some of the ways that an active safety culture can be implemented, and how ISG in Singapore has successfully implemented this ethos.

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